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As above so below… As stars so atoms.

Free Energy (278) Free Energy (20) Free Energy (2) Free Energy (11)

We can harness our host energy and have great powers… What heals you now? Do you really know? The cowpox virus which looks like the Tesla tower and it helps you… We can learn from nature rather then modify it…  When will humans wake up to the true circle of life rather than spread like cancer on our host… there is many life’s above and many below so we are all gods to life… energy control’s all elements and all can tap into one… Lets not stand on the top of the circle as a whole… We can change… I offer change.


Piezoelectric aka your soul. It is what holds you together and runs you…

holding onto metal

First off you made of almost all the elements that have been found on earth… Static can control these elements…


Fire and wind.

Earth at 53sec.

Your atoms are the star in the jar since static makes vibrations and sound at the right frequency and energy to form you… so static is the key to life since it controls all elements in you… It is the 99% empty fabric of space…

Star in a jar.