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What if the ancients had the same technology?


They look like they knew each other to me… Pictures tell 1000’s words…


Could this be Horus in school learning about static? With a different artist drawing him.



I call the guy above Horus’s brother and they are in same hieroglyphics…




What if the Pharoahs wore Star in a jar on their head?

To get a star in a jar you need glass, water, and vibrations that would make the perfect sound wave to make atoms, galaxies etc… Funny how your body is 70% water and vibrates.. Well what if the static from the earth and sun aka living things static arced out here on earth would do the star in a jar… Humans are missing the static and we are truly lost in the circle of life.


His helm is missing the jar and water and static overhead with high frequency energy in him..  Gold has the most electrons…

apopis1 - Copy

The helm on the left looks like it has more on it then what we have found… Well glass breaks pretty easy and water well…   Here is a link to the star in a jar and how it works!