Atoms and galaxies are 99% empty fabric of space. ImageImage

Funny how your atoms make static and runs everything in your brain!


With out static you could not read this and static comes out your finger when you rub your feet on carpet when you make friction and your vibrations.. Well If you can arc out the living thing that we live on static here on earth you would have to use 2 parts of his atom… Funny how the true Tesla tower and the pyramid work from the underground moving water as friction and the earths vibrations and the sun rays that are trapped in our ionosphere since it is alive.Image All living things vibrate between 6 to 8 hertz and this earth vibrates at 7.83hertz… This static will grow plants and tons more… The true tower used pipes 80Ft down to an underground river near Niagara falls… Theses pipes gathered the undergoing moving waters friction and the earths vibrations this is what has been hidden from us. True tower and the pyramid both use the earth and the sun rays…The FreeMasons are the ones that hide the truth from us. They know how to make free energy but they are to greedy and don’t want to be your equal. The lower FreeMason are a front… Well its time to wake up from the lies we have been fed all of our lives…. With the true Tesla tower which they hide and mock us with it, humans would know true freedom… We can live in harmony with all living things.. Tesla tower would solve world hunger.. It will solve homeless. When will humans wake up and use the true gifts from god that the FreeMasons hide…




Tesla loved animals. Edison killed them on public display… Who did we listen to in the end? Who do we teach about in the schools to our children? Not Tesla!!!!


They hide these with brain washing from the power lines look like crosses to not teaching about tesla in school to using granite as a dead stone for people that die at their graves to fluoride in your water so you don’t care and they flash you the pyramids countless times a day.. you would not believe how many times you see it… The best place to hide something is right out in the open. Makes me sick to think of Edison killing animals on public display for my kids to see. Why is school teaching about him it makes me sick! Why are they not teaching about Tesla???????? EVIL??????????



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