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What static emits is what you want. Static it self is highly dangerous and must be used right.

Static emits light that would grow plants, vibrations, sound, heat, and it would also ionize the air and drop heavy particles in the air and make it more cleaner to breath for fungi and you since we love oxygen. It would make it rain where the static re entered our ionosphere as well so the grid would have tropical spots where the towers/pyramids are would be like the so called garden of Eden. The static that would be in our ionosphere would emit high frequency energy that would make you the power source when you hold certain items..  The light that is emitted would heal you and the vibrations as well would reprogram your DNA. With energy in you you could repeal water to have sand crumble under your hand to have chemical reactions to granite and energize conductive elements and make the repeal the earth since that is part of your power source. Image